Iphone SDK in Medion Akoya

Since I get a Iphone, nearly 1 years ago (I was very lucky, thanks Joan!) I have been fascinate by Iphone’s usability.

And like any good programmer, the first thing I did was download the iPhone’s SDK. As expected the Xcode application could only be installed under OS X Leopard platforms, and after purchasing a new desktop computer and have recently purchased my laptop, and I went through the head to buy an Apple (I’m thinking seriously …).

No problem, one of the projects we work at the University is associated with virtual machines and their application to elearning using VMWare. So I set to work and started to create virtual machines with OS X Leopard. I could prove, without exaggeration, about 15 virtual machines with thousands of different configurations and I have never been able to install Xcode.

My good friend Mario gave me the opportunity to purchase a Medion Akoya at a great price, and for a few touches on his website and intranet finally gave it to me.

Well, now I have dark circles more than a dormouse with overdose of Red Bull but I have my miniPC with Leopard installed, updated and running 100%.

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