About iPad

Just market the new toy from Apple, the iPad. And admittedly, the reviews I’m finding out there do not seem entirely fair. Negatively criticize this mobile device.

I my opinion, we always expect more and more of this new apple side product. They are very limited and any application that wants to enter the appstore has to pass the apple’s filters, which guarantees a novice user friendly environment to work, but most experienced users can not do what we feel like it, just do what the boss Jobs let us.

But I think this device is not only aimed at novice users, is also oriented virtualization systems. Oriented to the FUTURE.

Let me explain:
This is not a PC, is a mobile, but if you need the true capabilities of a PC… why you don’t access remotely to this? (rdp, vnc, vmware, etc …) there are applications for it! Soon we used to it …

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